Updating Your Affiliate's Subscription Information

MoreThanData stores the contact information for your Keystone Subscription account in our customer service database. This contains the name and address of your affiliate as well as phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the primary Keystone contact at your affiliate. If you are currently using Keystone 7.0 or later, when any of this information changes at your affiliate, please update it directly from within Keystone using the instructions below.

When you are ready to renew your Keystone subscription, see the Subscription Renewal Process section for instructions.

To update your affiliate's subscription information
  1. Log in to Keystone using the Administrator username.
  2. Open the Tools tab in the Keystone ribbon, click Affiliate Setup - which opens the Affiliate Info tab in Affiliate Setup - and click the Contact Information and Keystone Annual Licensing button there.
    This opens the Subscription Information screen with a tab for you to review and edit the contact information MoreThanData has for your affiliate, along with a tab for you to review, edit, and register your new license.
  3. The contact information is initially read-only, but not the other information.

  4. Click the Edit button next to Affiliate Information to unlock the information fields so you can edit them.
    The Edit button becomes a Save button you can click to save your changes.
  5. Edit your affiliate information as needed, and click Save when you're done.
  6. To change the person who is the primary contact responsible for Keystone at your affiliate, click the Edit button next to Primary Keystone Contact.
    A window appears asking what modifications you want to make to the primary contact information: do you want to simply edit the current Primary Contact (e.g., to update their contact information); do you want to keep the current contact in the MoreThanData database but set up a new Primary Contact; or do you want to delete the current contact from the MoreThanData database and set up a new Primary Contact?
  7. This edits the contact information in MoreThanData's database. No contact records are changed in your Keystone database.

  8. Select the option you want and click OK to continue, or click Cancel to close this window without making any changes.
  9. If you select either the Keep contact and add new Primary Contact or Delete contact and add new Primary Contact options, you are given another choice of either selecting one of your affiliate's contacts already in MoreThanData's database or adding a new contact. Select your choice and click OK to continue, or click Cancel to close this window without making any changes. You return to the Subscription Information screen.
  10. You'll now be able to edit the fields under Primary Keystone Contact. Modify the contact's information or use these fields to add the new contact. Click the Save button next to Primary Keystone Contact to save your information to MoreThanData's database.