Subscription Renewal Process

Your Keystone annual subscription can be renewed up to 60 days before your current subscription ends. You must use the online renewal process (see below), which allows you to renew your subscription online using Keystone. Please go to if you would like more information. There is an alternate means of renewing for affiliates who have little or no access to the Internet in the "File-based renewal process" section below.

If you need to update your affiliate's contact or other subscription information on this screen, see the Updating Your Affiliate's Subscription Information section for instructions.

Online Renewal Process
  1. Log in to Keystone using the Administrator username.
  2. Open the Tools tab in the Keystone ribbon, click Affiliate Setup - which opens the Affiliate Info tab in Affiliate Setup - and click the Subscription button there.
    This opens the Subscription Information screen.
  3. Click on the Keystone Annual Licensing tab.
    The Keystone Annual Licensing tab allows you to review, modify, and register your Keystone Annual License renewal.
  4. You can only renew your subscription within 60 days of your current Subscription End Date.

    Base Product indicates the Keystone functionality that is part of the annual base price, including the number of donors, volunteers, and mortgages.

    Functional Expansion shows pricing information based on the current number of donors, volunteers, and mortgage records you have in Keystone.

    You can potentially reduce your Keystone subscription cost by cleaning up your database and removing duplicates or records that are no longer needed.

    If you decide you do not want to use the donor, volunteer, or mortgage functionality, you can uncheck the Include box next to the ones you wish to disable, and you will not be charged for that function. This changes the color of that function to red indicating it will become read-only when you use Keystone in the future.

    For those functions you disable, you will still be able to view records you currently have, however you will not be able to modify them, add any new ones, or run future calculations on those records.

    Current Usage indicates the number of records your affiliate has for each function; Usage Minus Base subtracts the number of records included in the Base Product from your current usage; Annual $ Per Record indicates the price per record for that function; Sub Total multiplies Usage Minus Base by the Annual $ Per Record; $ Limit indicates the maximum amount a function can cost; and Total gives the total price for each of these functions.

    Functional Subtotal is the sum of the amounts in the Total column. Transition Discount indicates the amount the Functional Expansion cost is currently being discounted as part of the transition to the new Keystone subscription pricing.

    The total amount of your invoice is the Annual Base Price plus the Functional Expansion Total, shown next to Grand Total.

  5. You can print an invoice of your license renewal by clicking the Print Invoice Without Renewal button.
    If you are paying by check, send a copy of this invoice along with your check to MoreThanData.

    If you want to pay using a credit card, when you click the Register Renewal button you will be given the option to pay now via PayPal or a credit card. If you select this option and do not complete your transaction, you can return to this tab and continue with the process later.
  6. To register your renewal, click the Register Renewal button.
    A message appears asking you to confirm that you want to submit your renewal information. Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to exit without renewing.

Your license renewal will be registered with MoreThanData when you click OK, and as soon as this is done, your Subscription End Date will be extended a year. You have a payment grace period of 60 days from your registration date to complete the transaction and make your license payment to MoreThanData. If it is not made within this period, your Keystone database will become read-only.

File-based Renewal Process

If you have little or no access to the Internet, you may want to use the file-based renewal process.

  1. Open the Tools tab in the Keystone ribbon, then click Options.
    The Options window appears.
  2. Select the Other tab.
  3. Uncheck the Get License From Web box, then click the Close button.
  4. Next select the Help tab in the Keystone ribbon, then choose Detail (in the System Information group).
    The System Information Detail screen appears. Along with a variety of other information, the System Information Detail screen shows your usage of Keystone - the number of records you have in each functional area.
  5. Call MTD Support (1-800-455-5617) and give them your contact information, usage information (listed under Application), and which functional areas in Keystone (Donors, Volunteers, Mortgages) you want to use.
    MTD will add this information to the MTD database, create a subscription file, and mail this file to you on a CD.

Payment is due within 45 days of when you order your renewal. If no payment is received by then, your Keystone database will go into read-only mode.

After you receive your CD

  1. When you receive this CD, move the file from the CD to your My Documents folder.
  2. Open the Tools tab in the Keystone ribbon, then click Affiliate Setup.
  3. Open the Affiliate tab, and click the Subscription button.
    This will read the file and update your subscription, which completes your renewal.